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NEW YORK (AP) Amy Freeze can talk football and forecasts.So with the Super Bowl coming to New York next year, and with local temperatures stuck in the teens, the WABC TV meteorologist was all set to look ahead."Football fans like a little winter weather," she offered on a windy Wednesday.OK, but exactly how wintry?Try this long range reckoning for the matchup at MetLife Stadium, from the soon to be printed Farmers Almanac: "An intense storm, heavy rain, snow and strong winds. This could seriously impact Super Bowl XLVIII."Predicts editor Pete Geiger: "This is going to be one for the ages.""Hey, it goes with the territory," he said by phone from Lewiston, Maine.Way too early to say for sure what awaits fans and players in the first outdoor Super Bowl at a cold weather site. It be held Feb.The record low for a Super Bowl kickoff is 39 degrees when Dallas beat Miami in January 1972 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. It will be a lot warmer back in the Big Easy when the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers tangle in less than two weeks. They be inside the Superdome.The NFL was aware next year Super Bowl could be a super brrr."Creating a plan for staging a Super Bowl in winter weather is not reinventing the wheel," NFL senior vice president for events Frank Supovitz said two years ago. "Super Bowls have often been played in cities that can experience winter storms, including Detroit, Minneapolis .""Coordinated snow and ice removal plans for travel routes, major event facilities, the stadium campus, and parking have always been part of our planning protocol," he said then.Remember, no city is immune to rugged weather. Even though Green Bay and Pittsburgh played inside Cowboys Stadium two years, snow and ice blanketed the lead up events.Besides, a blizzard isn likely. 2 is 39.8 degrees and the low is 24.2. The average precipitation on that date going back to 1931 is about one eighth of an inch.The only significant precipitation during a Super Bowl came in February 2007 at Miami. Playing in a rainstorm, Indianapolis and Chicago committed four turnovers in the first quarter.Expect ticket sales to be brisk next year, StubHub spokesman Glenn Lehrman said. Ticket prices are running about $3,100 for the Ravens 49ers game, and Lehrman predicted the 2014 Super Bowl would create the largest demand "we ever had.""I think people want to be part of a first time experience. Whatever it is," he said.Lehrman said because so many people live on the East Coast within driving distance of the stadium, not needing pricey hotel rooms cold weather wouldn have a chilling effect.It certainly had an effect in New York on Wednesday. The radio hosts on WFAN began their noontime show talking about the weather; at De Witt Clinton Park in Manhattan, the artificial turf fields often occupied by pickup football games were empty.But for a chance to see a Super Bowl, fans might sit for a few hours in a raw setting."You can see in Lambeau Field how they endure the cold there. They sell out there all the time, and in the Giants and Jets stadium they do the same," New York Rangers captain Ryan Callahan said before Wednesday night NHL game at Madison Square Garden against the Boston Bruins.Peggy Beisel McIlwaine agreed. Her grandfather was the Packers first president and she recalled being in the stands for the famed Ice Bowl the 1967 NFL championship between Green Bay and Dallas when the game time temperature at Lambeau Field was minus 13 degrees."I got sitting in the cold weather down to a science," she said in an email. "Sitting at Lambeau in subzero weather is all about the clothes: Cashmere, fleece and down and, of course, Ugg boots."Come next year, Freeze ("that my real name," she added) said the wintry conditions might be a factor. She seen that up close while working four years in Chicago, she was a team meteorologist for the Bears, consulting with coaches, special teams members and equipment personnel.锘?0bn IMF gift wouldn"I was already crying," she said, "so I just cried some more." For support, she reached out to one of her younger sisters and costar Evangeline Lilly. "They came over later that night and we got rip roarin' drunk," remembers Mitchell. "We cried and laughed and watched really stupid movies." The "Lost" bosses insist Juliet's death wasn't particularly easy for them either. "Making that call to Elizabeth was one of the hardest things we've had to do," says Lindelof. "But Juliet's actions in the finale completely catalyze what's gonna happen in the final season." Mitchell, by now a pro at keeping "Lost's" patented twists under wraps, will add only, "I've already shot <scenes> with Sawyer. It's one of those things where it appears to be one thing, and then it turns into something else."Loyalty rewards for bank customers <a href=>kate spade uk stockists</a> It's possible Cruise and Holmes were spooked by reports of a sick plot to kidnap, kill and castrate teen pop star Justin Bieber.Incredibly, someone saw her plea and dialed 911. <a href=>uggs outlet</a> With that particularities, the elementary particle could not exist in the our world, even though in the subatomic world.Some of these people included a cousin of mine who couldn't understand why I wouldn't do the work, especially since I kept asking her to pay for lunch. I resisted at first, because when I was a new lawyer, working as an associate at a big law firm in New York, I had done some document reviewing as part of my job on the firm's litigation team. Box upon box of paper documents were my territory. The boxes were dusty and aggravated my allergies; the paper was sharp and cut my delicate fingers. I took naps on my office floor when I couldn't bear to look at more documents. It felt like exquisite torture, spending all those weeks in all those boxes. A friend who was also reviewing documents at his law firm back then said to me he thought he was getting the same box of documents to review, over and over and over, as part of some psychology experiment.Specialist Dr Faizal Mohammed, clinical director for Mersey Care NHS Trust's addiction service, says most young people turning to addiction services for help now come to them for cannabis problems rather than alcohol so much so that they had to adapt what they do to help them. <a href=>patagonia store</a> We do not edit comments. They are either approved or deleted. We reserve the right to edit a comment that is quoted or excerpted in an article. In this case, we may fix spelling and punctuation.He was later charged with Section 18 wounding with intent and remanded in custody. <a href=>kate spade handbags outlet</a> MARTIN: Susan Casey, before we let you go, tell us about the June issue.The living room has a wall of energy efficient glass doors. The skylight, which is only about a foot wide, and the architectural treatment of the beams make the ceiling look like it floats. "It makes the ceiling look lighter," architect McCredie said of the design. "It draws your eye up in a. Cougars' works for wildlife crossing over 101: What would it look like?SectionsSportsAngelsClippersDodgersHigh SchoolKingsLakersNFLNHL / DucksScores StatsUCLAUSCMore sportsBlogsDodgers NowLakers NowSports NowUSC NowUCLA NowVarsity InsiderDon't Miss Getting a taste of football at its purestFirst black player in major leagues? Hint: It wasn't Jackie RobinsonSectionsEntertainmentArtsCritics PicksMoviesMusicTelevisionThe EnvelopeEnt+BlogsCarolina A. MirandaCompany TownCulture MonsterGossipHero ComplexJacket CopyMovies NowPop HissShow TrackerDon't Miss 'Maze Runner' easily takes No. 1 at box office, grossing $32.5 millionKaty Perry at Staples Center: 5 thoughts on her hometown showSectionsNationObituariesPoliticsScienceBlogsNation NowPolitics NowScience NowDon't Miss Energy Dept.锘縊ld Dies in Attempt to Set New Age RecordThis new cycle where the work and play uniform of the West Coast cyberboom has adapted so fittingly to the universal credit bust may, I fear, be characterised as the Age of Cool. "Cool", of course, no longer denotes anything remotely connected with what's hip but instead its diametric opposite, as in "square", daddio, signifying a corporate take over of Bohemia, much like what took place in the late 1960s when bow tie daddies who came to maturity in the Eisenhower era suddenly let it all hang out over their brand new polo necks in a bid to get with it. <a href=>timberland boots uk</a> I'd be offended if I were a white woman.Certainly, devotees of the Ugg have a trademark walk: a splayed foot shuffle that, coupled with the almost ubiquitous takeout coffee cup, bears quite a resemblance to a tramp looking for a handout. Even the glossy posse of Sienna Miller and Cameron Diaz can't carry them off with any conviction. <a href=>prada handbags</a> Katie eventually headed home after three hours of talks, giving Jane's husband Derrick a hug as she left.The duck UGG Classic Short carry the in the USA label, something that hard to find these days in footwear. Labor Department. Bass, Cole Haan, UGG Knightsbridge Sebago and Dexter are now made abroad. Bean created the hunting UGG Classic Tall for himself after his feet got wet and cold on a hunting trip, and it was not an instant success. Bean Hunting Shoe is available unlined or with various linings, UGG Finnegan including Gore Tex, Thinsulate and shearling. There are plenty of other variations, including quilted, canvas and plaid, UGG Sheepskin Cuff and even bright blue and pink leather.锘縎urfer Shane Dorioan Fuels No JetOnline libel cases double over a year <a href=>uggs outlet online</a> An Ugg store opened in the Houston Galleria this summer. The boots are sold at a number of other Houston stores including Dillard's, Whole Earth Provisions and Journey's.a) The Diploma in Travel and Tourism offers an integrated blend of academic study, practical experience and individual research which develops students' understanding of the travel and tourism industry. <a href=>north face london</a>

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